Event information

Event information – Bugmeet 2022

West Coast Bug Meet is an occation for everybody. A treat for the whole family so don´t hesitate to bring the whole family. We will make sure that there´s something for everyone, even for the kids. For example, the beach is close. Even the dog is welcome!

We ask you to consider following:

Hence the fact that Lingvallen is located close to residential area we ask all participants to pay their respect and consideration to the residents in the area. After all, we´d like to come back to Lingvallen!

Alcohol is is very much allowed but there is a day afterwards, with driving included.
West Coast Bug Meet (as Lingvallen) doesn´t offer any alcohol sales so you´re welcome to bring your own.

No burnouts in the area, both on the site ground and outside.

Other constellations will have access to the area while we are there but we have access to most of the site.

As already said, the dog is welcome but keep it in a leach. Not far from the site ground at the beach, you can find a designated spot where the dog can take swim.
Please clean up after your dog! If you don´t have any litterbags, we´ll be happy to offer this in the entrance.

Fire extinguishers will be available both here and there but mostly at the camping ground.

Please help us to keep the area clean, dispose your litter and trash in the designated trash cans.

You can bring your more modern caravan but due to safety- and space reasons it will be placed at a designated spot adjacent to the main area. We will also charge en extra cost of 100 SEK/night for this. This doesn´t apply to classic caravans.
Unfortunately we can´t provide electricity.

Thanks for your help!